Sesame: integrated information system for the acquisition, management and sharing of environmental data for decision support.
The SESAMO project was created with the goal of developing an ICT platform that can handle different streams of spatial information coming from heterogeneous sources, in order to provide advanced monitoring services at disposal and for the support of end users.
A particular class of flows of information as input to the platform SESAME will be produced by networks of sensors deployed in the area, located close to the physical phenomenon to be observed at each site of interest. The precise information thus obtained, regardless of the time scale and the spatial granularity with which they are acquired, will be integrated with information from other data sources, among them, for example, multispectral spatial images or spatial maps information deriving from pre-existing deposits.

The SESAMO platform is designed considering three specific vertical applications as case studies. Thanks to the analysis of the needs of specific domains it will be possible to extract characteristic requirements for the single vertical application and general requirements that must be met by the platform SESAME in any domain it is replicated. These general requirements are both functional, such as the system's ability to manage multiple user accounts, and non-functional, for example relating to the strength or to the scalability of the system.
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